NZCCP Black Lives Matter Statement

Utua te kino i te pai

Repay bad deeds with good

Tuatahi ake e tangi tonu ana, e puku aroha ngā iwi taketake huri rauna i te ao mō George Floyd me te ia o te aroha o tōnā whānau pani. Nō reira, e rere ana ngā whakaaro ki a rātou mā. 

While the media continues to flock to the looting, rioting and protesting associated with the killing of George Floyd, the illustrations and messages of aroha that have also emerged over the last few weeks from indigenous and other communities the worldover have been heartening. We have seen humanity come to the fore. Just in the last 24 hours, a young African/Caribbean male is seen carrying a Caucasian male to safety after being knocked to the ground unconscious during a frenzied rally in London. 

Back here in Aotearoa / NZ we witnessed a sense of strength and solidarity with a mass hikoi and haka. This was just as much about highlighting our own historical contexts and ongoing layers of racism and unconscious bias, as it was about acknowleding Black Lives Matter. For the record, this IS NOT about ‘all lives matter’. Prioritising the voices of indigenous peoples, IS NOT separatism. It is simply recognising the disadvantages that exist as a result of past colonial histories. 

Acknowledging and recognising past attricocities leads to healing. NZCCP continue to strive for this. From supporting the WAI2725 Claim... through to the endorsement of the He Paiaka Tōtara Māori Psychology body. The NZCCP Strategy also overtly prioritises Māori with one of it’s four strategic aims committed to advancing Māori moemoeā. 

If these examples do not draw enough of a parallel to the above whakatauki, then perhaps Taika Waititi’s ‘Give Nothing to Racism’ masterpiece does instead!! 

For these reasons and many others, the NZCCP supports Black Lives Matter!