NZ College of Clinical Psychologists Canterbury Branch presents: 

Neurodiversity In The Therapy Room: The Challenge To Recognise, Assess, And Intervene

Speakers: Wade Stent & Petra Hoggarth

  • Date/Time: Friday 9 September, 1 - 4pm
  • Venue: Room 252, Sociology Theatrette, Psychology Building, Level 2, University of Canterbury 
  • Free to College members 

Increasing numbers of people are accessing public and private mental health services questioning whether they are neurodiverse, often wondering about ADHD and/or ASD. In New Zealand it is estimated that one in twenty people have ADHD, and potentially one in one hundred have ASD. These may well be underestimates. These diagnoses are often misunderstood and can be easily overlooked if other difficulties are present, which they usually are. A client’s distress may present in different ways due to their neurodiversity, and treatment for comorbid disorders will be less effective if neurodiversity issues are not addressed. So how do you screen or assess for these presentations when you suspect they may play a part in your clients’ presentation, even when they were not the initial query or focus? 

Please come to hear Wade Stent (DHB, private practice) and Petra Hoggarth (private practice) present on how to notice, screen, and assess for neurodiversity. They will also discuss current pathways, support, and options for treatment. There will also be a panel discussion to answer your questions regarding ASD and ADHD with Petra, Wade, Charlotte West (private practice), and Neil Thompson (Clinic Director of the Psychology Centre, University of Canterbury).  

Please REGISTER HERE by Tuesday 6 September  

YOU MUST REGISTER in order to attend.  All registrations will be acknowledged by email.  If you haven’t heard from us, your RSVP hasn’t been received and you are not registered. Full day parking coupons can be purchased from Café 101 (ground floor of the Psychology building) for $8, or there is a $3 per hour pay and display option 

$50 for non-members ($15 for non-member students - with ID). Please make payment to 02-0865-0271109-05 using your surname as a reference. Receipts will not be issued unless requested 

Please bring your own cup for the afternoon tea to support the committee's intention to host a 'waste free' event.