Introduction to DBT and DBT Prolonged Exposure training
2020 Trauma Education presented by Dr Leah Giarratano
EMDR Institute Trainings
eCALD: Cultural Competency Courses
Better Pain Management Program
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Training 2020, Mar, Apr, May
RO-DBT Intensive: Sydney Feb & Oct 2020
ACEFT - Emotionally Focused Family Therapy Webinars, 28 March & 23 May
ACT workshops, Wellington, March, June & September 2020
Are Treatment Programs for Sexual Offending Effective? Shaping the Future of Sexual Offence Treatment, Wellington 2 April
Nonviolent Communication [NVC] for Therapists, Tauranga, 3-4 April
Grow Your Wellbeing as a Professional: Exploring Stress and Burnout, Christchurch, 2 May
Introduction to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Trauma, Brisbane, 9 May
ACT group for young people experiencing Mild to Moderate Anxiety/Depression, Wellington, Term 2020
NZ Women's Leadership Symposium, Auckland, 20-21 May
The Use of Adapted Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Coping Skills for Cognitively Impaired Clients with
Assessment and Treatment of Cognitively Impaired Clients who present with problematic sexual behaviours/sexual offending, Melbourne, 8-9 October
MTI NZ Intensive, Auckland, 17-23 October 2020
Mindful / Somatic Approaches to Trauma Therapy (Christchurch)
Emotionally Focused Therapy with Individuals – EFIT, Auckland, 26-27 June
Understanding, assessing, and treating adult firesetting, Wellington, 3 April
Creative Individuals in Therapy, Auckland, 27 March