Dr Nicole Pray is a Wellington based clinical psychologist who specialises in Relationship Therapy. 

Keeping in mind the ever-changing social climate as COVID-19 pervades and changes our familiar routines, Dr Pray has added another ‘Getting the Love You Want Couples Weekend Workshop’ into her annual rotation. 

The current lockdown imposes a further strain on our family systems and these stress levels can climb quickly in confined conditions. Research shows that when we feel connected with our partner, we experience increased resilience and our ability to weather stress is far greater. 

Couples who attend the workshop learn practical tools that can take up to 6 months to learn in prolonged couples therapy. Through offering these tools in a hands on workshop, couples have the opportunity to improve their relationship right away. This expedited education often leads to couples feeling more hopeful and satisfied, ultimately enjoying their time around each other more. 

Our workshops include:

     - Short lectures

     - Individual reflection and written work

     - Live demonstrations of communication skills and processes

     - Time to practice new behaviours and skills with your partner

     - Fun and nurturing activities 

Our ‘Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop’  has great reviews from previous attendees -



- 9th & 10th October 2021

- 12th & 13th March 2022 

*Depending on demand, we are looking at adding a further workshop on November 13th-14th. Let us know if these dates interest you. 

Download the Flyer HERE or get in contact with us at admin@drnicolepray.co.nz