Dr Nicole Pray is a Wellington based clinical psychologist who specialises in Relationship Therapy:

We had some fantastic workshops this year, with a lot of couples experiencing significant breakthroughs. We want to make our workshops more accessible to everyone, hence the inclusion of our new ONLINE WORKSHOPS. 

Our Getting the Love You Want workshop focuses on providing you with useful tools to break out of your unproductive communication cycles and increase satisfaction. If you feel any clients, customers, or yourself could benefit from an immersive, practical workshop, please refer them to us, register or get in contact.  

Our workshops include:

     - Short lectures

     - Individual reflection and written work

     - Live demonstrations of communication skills and processes

     - Time to practice new behaviours and skills with your partner

     - Fun and nurturing activities 

Our ‘Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop’  has great reviews from previous attendees -



For questions or enquiries, please contact us at:  
027 513 4443 or admin@drnicolepray.co.nz