Jungian analysis is a long term therapeutic process which seeks to both relieve immediate distress and to provide a container for deep personal reflection, exploration and change. C.G. Jung called this process individuation. Jungian analysis seeks to make conscious that which is unconscious and remove the obstacles to “being who you most truly are.” Within a trusting and secure analytic relationship the analyst and patient work together to allow a deepening sense of the authentic self. The analyst and patient  pay close attention to the balance of unconscious forces and the experience of daily life by working with dreams and fantasies, memories, somatic symptoms, transference, creative energies, synchronicities, cultural and family history and any other material that is brought to analysis. Analysis works by making the unconscious conscious and developing a sensibility to recognise the symbolic and transcendent in our everyday lives.  

The C.G Jung Institute of the Australian New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts (ANZSJA CGJI) is currently inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced practitioners who wish to develop their analytic skills and train to become a Jungian Analyst in New Zealand and Australia. Further information is available at www.anzsja.org.au/wp/training-2/ 

ANZSJA also offers Professional Development opportunities for clinicians. The next PD in NZ will be in Christchurch on 30th November 2019. See www.anzsja.org.au/wp/future 

The training is rigorous and requires significant preparation and commitment. It is also deeply rewarding.