Presenter: Dr Wendy Kelly

When:   Tuesday 15 February and Wednesday 16 February, 2022 (in person)


Where: Te Wahanga Atawhai Mercy Conference Centre
               15 Guildford Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Follow up day Wednesday 30 March, 2022 (online)


The Relational Learning Framework is a tool to help practitioners understand the perspective of children who have been abused and neglected. The Framework focuses on what children have learned about relationships from their adverse experiences and what practitioners can do to help the child reach more positive conclusions about relationships, through their actions and their words. The framework can be used for developing a treatment plan for the child or can be done in a group with foster parents, caregivers, teachers and mental health clinicians to develop a holistic plan. The training is suitable for social workers, mental health and education professionals who want a simple way to work out how the child's experiences have impacted on them and how they can help the child.

The training covers attachment theory and the impact of trauma and maltreatment.  Participants will then learn how to complete a Relational Learning Framework and complete some Frameworks in groups.  

This 3 day training includes 2 training days in person, a 6 week gap for participants to complete a Relational Learning Framework and a follow up day on 30 March online to discuss, trouble shoot and extend participants' skills in using the Framework. 

Numbers will be capped at 25 for maximum participation and learning opportunities.

Early bird fee: $650 including GST for full 3 day training, closes November 30, 2021 (in person days fully catered).

Fee: $690 including GST for full 3 day training (in person days fully catered).