The College has recently been working on a number of mentorship programmes and is pleased to announce our intention to launch the:
Tuakana/Teina Mentorship Programme for Trainee and Early-Career Clinical Psychologists. 

The concept of Tuakana/Teina literally refers to the relationship between an older and younger sibling respectively. In most modern contexts however, it is used more metaphorically to reflect the importance of relationships and acknowledge levels of knowledge, experience and expertise (irrespective of age). Tuakana/teina is values-based and helps to inform the way the relationship is nurtured and navigated throughout. In essence, it is the hull to the mentorship programme waka.
Mentorship is distinctly different from supervision and teaching roles, it is a process of support offered by a more experienced psychologist to a less experienced psychologist that offers guidance, support, and encouragement to support the personal and career development of the person being mentored. Mentorship is typically a longer-term relationship, often at least three years
As the mentor role is typically less intensive, it doesn't require in-depth knowledge of the area that the person being mentored is working in, and generally involves much less frequent meetings. The role may be suitable for people who are not in a position to be providing supervision for students or early-career psychologists.
At this stage, we are seeking expressions of interest from psychologists who might be willing to offer this support to trainee and early-career clinical psychologists.