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Name: Sara Moshenrose
Specialist Areas: Abuse, Addiction, Adjustment to chronic illness, Anxiety, Attachment, Child development, Cult involvement, Depression, Dissociative identity disorder, Emotion regulation, Grief and bereavement, Health psychology, Identity difficulties, Insomnia, Life transition & adjustment issues, Mental health, Mindfulness, Mood disorders, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Online/telepsychology via Skype or similar, Pain management, Parenting, Peri & post natal depression, Phobias, Positive psychology, Post traumatic stress disorder, Professional burnout, Professional supervision, Relationships, Self-esteem & self development, Somatoform disorders, Trauma, Work stress
Treatment Areas: Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Couples therapy, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Mind-body psychotherapy, Mindfulness-based therapies, Online/telepsychology via Zoom or Skype or similar, Positive psychology
Client Types: Adult, Couple
Address: 37 Pretoria Street
Lower Hutt
Practice Name: Moshenrose Psychology
Location: Lower Hutt and Wellington
Bio: My personal therapeutic approach is warm, mindful, intentional, and non-judgmental. With each session, I strive to create a safe, compassionate, environment in which healing can occur. I take an integrative approach to therapy using evidenced-based methods.

I have been working as a Clinical Psychologist for over eight years in public health settings and as a private practitioner. Over and beyond my post-graduate clinical training at University, I have undertaken many additional, advanced trainings, and I have specialised skills with body-based psychotherapies, mindfulness, and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR). I am a graduate of Hakomi Psychotherapy as well as a certified Level I and Level II EMDR Practitioner.

Feel free to check out my website to find out more information about me and the therapies I offer.
Availability: I am no longer taking new clients or holding a waitlist.

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