The College now offers a range of awards and grants as follows:

The NZCCP Emerging Leaders Development Grant, of up to $5,000, is offered annually to a Full member or members of the College to assist to them to conduct research and/or participate in an educational opportunity/skills training on the topic of leadership. The purpose of the grant is to enhance leadership capabilities of NZCCP members by supporting further education and/or research in the field of clinical leadership. 

The NZCCP Research/Study Award, of up to $6,000, is offered annually to a Full or Associate member of the College to assist to them to undertake travel or a similar specific activity to further their education or interest in a clinical or research activity related to clinical psychology.

NZCCP Travel Grant. Up to four NZCCP Travel Grants of up to $1,000 are provided annually to Full or Associate members of the College to assist them to travel to and attend a continuing education opportunity (such as a Conference, Workshop, or substantial organised site visit) either in New Zealand or overseas.

The President's Award, of up to $1,500, is offered annually to a Student member of the College who is recognised as performing well in their training and as likely to make a positive contribution to Clinical Psychology in the future. The purpose of this award is to assist the student member to undertake the development of their knowledge and skills in Clinical Psychology and its application. 

The Susan Selway Memorial Scholarship is available to support NZCCP members currently living and working in  Christchurch to attend Continuing Educational activities relevant to their profession. This scholarship has a total value of $1200 per annum, and is distributed as three grants of $400 each per year.

For more information go to the links above to download the criteria and application forms for each of these awards.