Contact Details
Name: Dr Ralf Schnabel
Specialist Areas: Anxiety, Brain injury, Depression, Emotion regulation, Mood disorders, Neuropsychological assessment, Rehabilitation/injury counselling, Work stress
Treatment Areas: Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
Client Types: Adult
Address: 89 Grafton Rd
Auckland 1010
Practice Name: Schnabel Psychology
Location: Auckland
Phone: 0223156318
Bio: Registered Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist
PhD, , MNZCCP, DipClinPsych
For over 20 years Ralf has intensively been engaged with clients for psychological assessments and clinical treatment.
He undertakes a variety of assessment, ranging from “assessments of cognitive function” (Neuropsychological Assessments) and “assessments of mental health and emotional coping”, to “assessments of specific concerns” such as work fitness, rehabilitation needs, or suitability for specific roles.He is renowned for making independent, objective, and fair assessments.
Ralf has a strategy-based approach to treatment. Symptoms or problems with functioning often arise from an incomplete skill-base for managing specific situations or challenges. Evidence-based psychological strategies help to enlarge one’s ‘tool-box’ for coping and to achieve a more effective management. Depending on the specific problem, psychological tools are learned and established which may include confidence exercises, strategies for stopping rumination, approaches to effective communication, techniques for mood/anxiety management, and improving stress control. Treatment aims at empowering clients to manage well and effectively. Comprehensive results are usually achieved quickly, mostly within 5 to 6 sessions. This treatment is suited for clients who want to make a change, achieve their best recovery outcome, or “get to a better level” in a focussed and effective way.
Ralf has special interest in the assessment and treatment of depression, anxieties, physical injury (including concussion, pain, strokes, and toxic exposure), and stress-disorders. A particular focus is on restoring capacity for work and facilitating successful vocational re-integration.
Ralf is a Registered Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, and Neuropsychologist.
He was the Chair of the New Zealand Psychological Society, Auckland Branch. He is a Member of the NZ College of Clinical Psychologists.
In addition to his commitment to client work, Ralf is involved in research and lecturing at Auckland University.

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