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Name: annetta Bouius
Specialist Areas: ACC, Adolescent development, Anger management, Anxiety, Asperger's syndrome, Assertiveness training, Attachment, Attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), Autism, Behaviour problems, Bullying, Child development, Conflict resolution, Corporate Psychology, Depression, Dissociative identity disorder, Emotion regulation, Expert witness, Grief and bereavement, Impairment assessment, Intellectual assessment, Learning difficulties, Legal reports, Mental health, Mental illness, Mindfulness, Mood disorders, Neuropsychological assessment, Parenting, Phobias, Positive psychology, Post traumatic stress disorder, Professional burnout, Professional supervision, Self-esteem & self development, Sexual abuse, Shyness & social skills deficits, Suicide, Trauma, Work stress
Treatment Areas: Brief intervention, Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Critical incident stress debriefing, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Executive coaching, Mindfulness-based therapies, Online/telepsychology via Zoom or Skype or similar, Positive psychology, Solution-focussed therapy
Client Types: Adult, Child, Older adult
Address: Kapiti, Northshore, Auckland,
Practice Name: solution focused ltd
Location: Auckland
Phone: 0212804442
Bio: Using a warm and humorous approach Annetta focuses on helping people of all ages to find the right solution for their needs. She specialises on making things that are difficult easy to understand and life changing strategies fun to do.
Annetta has over 20 years’ experience of providing clinical psychology services. She enjoys working with people who have Autism and other neurological, developmental and learning and behavioural difficulties. She works with people of all ages, their families, carers and wider support networks . She also provides services to various organisations, agencies and the court wanting to understand how a clients disability affects their support needs and behaviour.
Annetta has a strong understanding of neurology and can explain, in easy to understand ways, the role of the brain in thoughts, emotions and behaviours that may be troubling us. She can also help people of any age to find out well how they pay attention, remember information, understand and process sensory information, organise and plan and think flexibly etc. She can talk about what this might mean for you in a learning or work place and recommend supports that you may need.
Therapeutically Annetta uses strength based approaches which means she tries to help clients uncover the skills and abilities they already possess that may be helpful to them in managing or overcoming their difficulties. Annetta is also able to offer a range of approaches that will work best for the person and/or their support network, including mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour therapy and solution focused brief therapy.
Annetta is registered with the New Zealand Psychologist Registration Board, and holds the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance Act (2003) Clinical Scope of Practice, and a current Annual Practicing Certificate. She is a member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists.
Availability: Please send Annetta an email enquiring about availability.

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