Contact Details
Name: Alex Mortlock
Specialist Areas: Anger management, Anxiety, Depression, Emotion regulation, Insomnia, Mental health, Sleeping disorders
Treatment Areas: Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Brief intervention, Online/telepsychology via Zoom or Skype or similar
Client Types: Adult
Address: Unit 6 / 10 Acheron Drive
(Sleep Well Clinic)
Christchurch 8041
Practice Name: Alex Mortlock - Clinical Psychologist
Location: Christchurch
Phone: 021 120 9295
Bio: I have been practicing clinical psychology since 2010. I was trained at the University of Canterbury and have worked in various health and rehabilitation settings.

I use a therapeutic approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is an active treatment focused on making effective changes in life.

I aim to be genuine, open, and empathic - the foundations of an effective therapeutic relationship.

My practice is guided by psychological science, especially as it relates to emotions, motivation, and behaviour change.

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