The NZCCP wishes you and your loved ones all the best for the challenges of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the period of self-isolation, and the disruption to “psychological business as usual.” We are receptive to doing what we can to support members through this difficult time, so please be in touch.

Here are some links and resources that may be helpful:

NZ Psychologists Board’s document Best Practice Guideline – The Practice of Telepsychology  is very useful for assisting us to practise online safely and effectively

More information can be found at the NZ Psychologists Board’s COVID 19 webpage (

Questions about Practising Under COVID-19 Conditions? The NZCCP, the Psychologists Board, and the NZ Psychological Society have worked together to give consistent responses to any questions psychologists have about providing psychology and neuropsychology services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The answers to these questions can be viewed at NZPB/NZCCP/NZPsS: COVID19 FAQ with RESPONSES

If you have questions about practising psychology during the COVID-19 Lockdown and subsequent levels, please send them to  and a group from the Board, the College, and the Society will attempt to answer them.

MPS has made allowances for the situation and “reassure that should you need to do a remote consultation with a patient whom you would ordinarily see face-to-face, your membership with Medical Protection will enable you to request assistance for matters that could arise from such consultations during this time.” 

ACC has also approved Telehealth for additional service types for the duration of the COVID-19 response in the treatment of ACC’s clients accessing Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims, Psychological Services, and Clinical Psychiatric Services.  Individual waivers to use Telehealth for these services will not be required for the duration of the COVID-19 response. For further information regarding ACC requirements please refer to the website

Telepsychology "Pearls of Wisdom": For many of us, assessment and therapy by telepsychology is a new skill to learn. This document contains tips that have been gleaned from personal experience, relevant literature, and discussion with practitioners about how to make telepsychology as safe, effective, and sustainable as possible.

Several other NZ based resources are available that may assist people to learn more about online therapy and other aspects of practising during the pandemic:

There is also a lot of discussion and suggestions on the NZCCP Private Practitioners Facebook group site and at TeletherapyNZ

Increase in scamming activity: Right now there is significant scamming activity going on and we urge people to be extra vigilant as fraudsters seek to exploit the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Click here for some information and advice about how to deal with these.