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Shared Stories, Sam O’Sullivan

In support of the Mental Health Foundation’s (MHF) mental health awareness week this month, the NZCCP Wellington branch organised a variety of speakers to share their perspectives about living and working with mental health issues. The event, held at the Wellington Central Library on Saturday, was free to the public and aptly named “Shared Stories”. The MHF theme for the week, GIVE, was embraced at the event. Attendees were given cards with hand-written compliments as they entered, the wonderful people from Atareira were present to give families information, and the walls were lit up by beautiful art created by people living at a local Inpatient Rehabilitation service as part of their weekly art group, run by Pablo’s Art Studio.

Hugh Norriss 

Hugh Norriss, Director of Strategy, Advocacy, & Research, Mental Health Foundation

The event started with Hugh Norriss, the Director of Strategy, Advocacy, and Research at the Mental Health Foundation, talking about the specific issues New Zealanders are facing with mental health, and some of the amazing and innovative ideas the MHF is supporting. Next up was Julia Rainsford, a Coexisting Disorders Clinician, who delivered a passionate talk about her insights into the realm of addiction, which she referred to as “hungry ghosts”, and which finished with a political message and a buzz of excited chatter from the audience.

Julia Rainsford 

Julia Rainsford, Coexisting Disorders Clinician, Capital & Coast DHB

Mary Maringikura Campbell, a Consumer Advocate, began the afternoon by taking everyone on a journey. She told her ancestors’ stories and recounted her own experiences going through the mental health system, weaving her poetry into the tales. This was followed by Holly Wilkin’s popular talk on psychosis. She did a wonderful job of helping the public understand this curious mental phenomenon. Kuni Shepherd, Kaumatua, then gave an address about the Maori concept of Tukua, which is to heal and let go of underlying issues. He imparted his knowledge with novel animations drawn on the whiteboard and a well-received warm sense of humour. Finally, the day was drawn to a close with Renee Keenan and Jane Weggery, Equine Assisted Therapists, who explained the theory behind equine therapy and shared amazing stories of how it helps people change their lives for the better.