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Education of primary health care professionals remains one of the greatest challenges in delivering accessible, high quality medical treatment to people suffering chronic pain. The sheer number of patients affected; 21% of adults in New Zealand, dictates that the overwhelming majority of health care for patients with chronic pain must come from primary care providers.

The Better Pain Management program has been developed primarily by specialist pain medicine physicians and other experts in the field of pain management to better equip health professionals to deliver effective pain management to patients with acute and chronic pain. The twelve, 1 hour, modules are accessible individually or in a range of packages.

Topics of modules as follows:

Module 1: Making an Effective Pain Diagnosis: A Whole Person Approach

Module 2 : The Impact and Management of Psychological Factors in Pain

Module 3: A Whole Person Approach to Chronic Pain

Module 4: Identification and Management of Neuropathic Pain in the Primary Care Setting

Module 5: Identification and Management of Low Back Pain in the Primary Care Setting

Module 6: Opioids in Pain Management

Module 7: Pharmacology of Pain Medicine

Module 8: Non-Joint Musculoskeletal Pains

Module 9: Post-Discharge Acute Pain Management

Module 10: Understanding Pain-Related Procedures

Module 11: High-Dose Problematic Opioid Use

Module 12: Pain in Children