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Health Research Premium Collection Central is the world’s most varied collection of health sciences literature.  To deliver clients the best possible care in today’s dynamic healthcare environment, medical professionals, clinicians and hospital administrators need to stay on the cutting edge of the latest clinical and evidence-based practice trends. The Health Research Premium Collection makes this easier by centralising access to the world’s broadest collection of healthcare journals, evidence-based resources, and full-text dissertations 

About the Health Research Premium Collection:

  • Ongoing full-text access to the world’s highest cited journals. The collection offers ongoing full-text access to leading scholarly publications including The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, and The BMJ and is easily linked to other required content. 
  • Comprehensive medical literature reviews. The collection includes more than 100,000 full-text dissertations unique to ProQuest covering many areas including nursing, psychology, and health management. 
  • ProQuest amasses summary journals, conference proceedings, industry and healthcare reports, trade journals, books, and more into a single cross-searchable collection. These primary, secondary, and tertiary content sources cover the spectrum of medicine and gives easy access to relevant content. 
  • Best practice. Access to evidence-based resources is as important as ever, which is why ProQuest includes thousands of evidence-based articles (systematic reviews and meta-analysis) and more than 100,000 clinical trial records as well as expert opinions and findings from cohort and experimental studies. 

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