The College Journal is an open-access forum for original research, literature reviews, case studies and opinion (both clinician and user perspectives), on topics of interest to clinical psychologists practicing in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Journal is published twice a year online and sent directly to members of the NZCCP, meaning that it is an excellent way to reach the majority of clinical psychologists working in New Zealand. 

The Journal accepts general submissions, as well as making specific calls for papers related to a particular theme or area of practice. All papers are peer reviewed.

The journal hosting has recently been transitioned to a site managed by Scholastica- you can access the latest editions of the Journal here. Older, archived issues can be accessed at the link below. 




Submissions for issue 1 are typically accepted up until the 1st of May each year.

Submissions for issue 2 are typically accepted up until the 1st of November each year.