Attn: Clinical Psychologists

Have you been interested in becoming ACC registered for sensitive claims?
Looking for a new supplier?
Interested in other contracts?

We have a personal relationship with all of our providers, and give unparallelled help and guidance with applications, onboarding, servicing contracts, providing resources and report writing training etc.
Currently we provide you with step by step instructions on how to apply or reapply as a named provider through ACC, and how to access the ACC webinars and information on the new contact that will be in place form December 2024.

We are a therapist led business and we value our providers and understand the complexities, and satisfaction, of working with trauma clients.

If you would like to know more, please Email and attach your CV.
or book a chat with the director:

Are you already registered with ACC and wish to be under another supplier?
We are always interested in adding new providers.
Email: and attach your CV or book a chat

The contracts that we hold, and that clinical psychologists can apply for are:

  1. ISSC sensitive claims
    * Providers
     * Supported assessors
     * Incapacity assessments, now called Function assessments and it is for
          loss of earnings. (This was previously held by psychiatrists only ).
          Contact us for more information in regard to this.

  2. Police Trauma Contract (treatment)

  3. Psychological services contract. (Assessment and /or treatment).
    NB: not included in reapplication process.

We are overflowing with referrals and need more therapists to meet the demand.We need therapists for adults, children and adolescents.

This opportunity will suit you if you are wanting to expand your practice, start a private practice, be supported to become ACC registered for sensitive claims, join another supplier, have support to go through the reapplication process for ISSC.

We happily provide, and are known for, giving our providers unparallelled support. We assist you to:

  • Becoming ACC registered,
  • Adding us as another supplier.
  • Transferring clients to our supplier contract with a lower admin fee.
  • Receiving appropriate referrals.
  • Navigating the ACC system and to write reports,
  • Providing your clients with a positive supported assessment experience,
  • Have access to our provider log in page, that has extensive resources and information including training opportunities we can offer discounts on.
  • Other contract opportunities
  • Support with the new contract coming into place in December 2024

As a Your Focus provider you will:

  • Have a personal connection and professional support from the Director, Ms Sam Mitchell, who is a Reg Psychotherapist, EMDR practitioner, assessor, and experienced ACC trauma therapist, and businesswoman.
  • Have excellent administrative support.
  • Use the most user-friendly invoicing system in NZ, with full-service support and weekly payments. (can also be used for practice management at no cost)
  • Pay a competitive administration fee.
  • Have opportunities for future contracts, ACC and non-ACC, and support to apply for them.
  • Get recommendations for ACC supervisors.
  • Assistance to create, and market, an ISSC group.
  • Have free advertising of your private practise on our website.




We welcome you contacting us for a confidential chat or to access additional information at

Or book a call with Sam to discuss.


We look forward to hearing from you.