NZ College of Clinical Psychologists &  NZ Psychological Society

Joint National Conference

20 ? 23 April 2012

Wellington Convention Centre, Wakefield St

The conference was a great success with over 450 delegates attending.

The keynote speakers were

David Barlow, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry and Founder and Director Emeritus, Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University.

Alan E. Fruzzetti, Associate Professor and Director, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Research Program, Department of Psychology 298, University of Nevada. 

John Weinman, Professor of Psychology as applied to Medicine at the Institute of Psychiatry in the Kings College London. Download John?s keynote presentation, his workshop presentation and his workshop handouts.

Pat Dudgeon, Professor and Research Fellow, School of Indigenous Studies, The University of Western Australia.

Heather Gridley,  Manager, Public Interest, Australian Psychological Society and Honorary Fellow, School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Victoria University, Melbourne. 

Erana Cooper, clinical psychologist and lecturer in Kaupapa M?ori Psychology at the University of Auckland.

Please click here for the conference handbook which contains all abstracts.
CORRECTION OF ERROR:The printed conference handbook contained an error on page 27. Dryden Badenoch?s abstract had another person?s name listed in the title. This was a formatting mistake.

Below are powerpoints of some presentations- we hope to add to this over the next week

Celia FalchiBreaking through the ?Cinderella Bias? barrier Stepfamily relationships
Erin Eggleston: Consideration of Symptom Validity as a Routine Component of Forensic Assessment
Paul Jose: Do increased levels of wellbeing lead to increased levels of resilience in adolescents
Bradley Woods: OOM not Doom -A Novel Method for Improving Psychological Science

Mark Thorpe: Qualitative research as an adjunct to the therapeutic training of counselling psychologists
Hilary Bradley: Reflections on Depression
Marijke Batenburg: What if he-she has sub clinical Asperger?s Syndrome
Robyn Stead: Work place settings for educational psychologists
Paul Wood: Assessment use in Executive Coaching
Jessica Ogle: Empathy in Medical Care
Kayla Mackie: Fathers as Carers and Protectors ? Does priming the evolutionary role of the father increase or decrease punitiveness
Steve Dakin & Sanna MalinenCoaching Psychology
Tony Taylor: Addressing disasters
Bernice Gabriel: Essential social capital- Supporting foster parents
Erica Chadwick: Flourishing through Savoring
Fiona Mathieson: Maori adaptation of a low intensity intervention for primary care
Dryden Badenoch: Memory Service not Memory Clinic
Amber Haque: Mental Health and Clinical Psychology in UAE
Rhoda Scherman: New Zealand Psychology Students Investigate Social Attitudes
Lucia King: Parents? perceptions of community-based positive parenting interventions
Fiona Howard: Supervision across professions
Dave Brougham: Supervisor Work-Family Support and Employee Wellbeing
Sylvia Pack: Talking racism in Aotearoa
Dave Brougham: Testing a Cultural Inclusion Dimension towards Job Outcomes
Caroline Judson: The Experiences of Refugee Children Resettling in NZ
Kirsten Ritchie: The Mental Health and Parenting Practices of Recently Separated Parents
Luke Strongman: The psychology of strategic, managerial decision making
Ruth Gammon: The Reemergence of Family Therapy In Aotearoa New Zealand
Jarrod Haar: The Work-Family Interface and Job Burnout amongst Maori Employees
John Fitzgerald: Use of the Outcome Questionnaire-45 in a Psychology Training Clinic
Jaimie Veale: Working with transgender clients
Sarah Campbell: Youth Gang Membership 

Peter Jansen: Work Related Mental Injury

Carolina Gnad: Broadening Perspectives Around Abortion
Fred Seymour: Implications for psychologists of FC Review
Gerard Pauley: Mindfulness and Self Compassion
Katie McCormickResilience in NZ Psychologists
Jessica Reilly: Why challenging behaviours are challenging

Ingrid Huygens: Engaging with Maori- Using our heads and hearts

Barbara Kennedy: Generations 

Hilary Lapsley: Life Review in Scottish Ninety Year Olds from the Lothian Birth Cohort 1921
Briar Moir: When the moral quality of actions affects judgments of cause and blame

Julia RucklidgeFrom ADHD to Earthquakes

Dryden Badenoch: Too soon? Secondary prevention work with families one week post-stroke
Morgan SissonsCan psychopathology profiles help detect self-report bias in the prediction of criminal behaviour
Kris Fernando: ACC Presentation

Fiona Ayers: Snakeoil or kosher
Fiona Ayers: Test User Levels