Exciting News!!

Non-Governmental Organisations’ workforces across New Zealand

will be eligible to access free CALD Cultural Competency Courses

from 9th September 2016 

eCALD® Services provides a range of online and face-to face training courses for the New Zealand health workforce to develop CALD cultural competencies, funded by the Ministry of Health via the Northern Regional Alliance Ltd. 

From 9th September, Non-Governmental Organisations providing health and disability services funded by the Ministry of Health or District Health Board across New Zealand will be given access to free CALD cultural competency online training and Auckland-based face-to-face courses. 

For further information about courses and resources, eligibility, cost and registration details please visit www.eCALD.com

CALD refers to culturally and linguistically diverse groups who are migrants and refugees from Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African (MELAA) backgrounds.