Foundations in Suicide Prevention is a comprehensive suicide prevention training programme offered as a fully revised, upgraded and expanded version of our online training previously known as the QPR Gatekeeper programme. We've upgraded our online learning technology and moved our programme to a new e-learning platform that streamlines the learning process and offers a fresh, smooth learning experience.


Foundations in Suicide Prevention is an evidence-based suicide prevention training programme that is designed to increase awareness, knowledge and skills to help anyone gain confidence to identify who is at risk of suicide and how to intervene to save a life. Online FSP Training has been carefully designed to be highly accessible and user- friendly. Taught in a clear, concise format using web-based technology, compelling graphics, video and interactive learning dynamics, the programme takes two hours to complete, including an online competency-based quiz. A printable Certificate of Course Completion is available.

Work through the online FSP programme at home, at work, or anywhere there is an internet connection on any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop) at your own pace, section by section. The training programme can be accessed and learning refreshed as often as desired during a 12-month subscription period.

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