Please see the information below and attached for the EFT - Emotionally Focused Therapy 2024 Trainings


Our two highly experienced Aotearoa New Zealand trainers, Yve Gould and Heike McCahon are running a comprehensive programme of ICEEFT- affiliated EFT trainings in 2024. EFT is a humanistic, systemic and well-researched psychotherapy. It works relationally using attachment theory in a variety of therapeutic contexts including with couples, individuals and families. All 2024 training courses will be offered online. This delivery method has proved to be an asset due to its flexibility and accessibility for many students. 

EFT training acts as a cumulative tiered programme of learning suitable for those already qualified, or in training as mental health professionals. Currently there are two offerings – EFT Couples Therapy Training and EFIT – EFT for Individuals. 

The EFT couples training starts with the initial Externship course which is then followed by a Basic Core Skills training course. After these two courses have been completed, therapists can start the EFT certification process. EFIT (EFT for Individuals) is a single four-day training course. 

Click HERE to go to the NZCEFT EFT training web page for further information about training and links for registration.