Skills for working with BPD 101: An Introduction to BPD exploring what works, and how to support these clients.

This interactive workshop will provide attendees with practical skills for working with those with emotional intensity difficulties.

Through gaining a fuller understanding of BPD and what is working in supporting these clients, participants will gain a new set of resources and related skills that can be applied to their practice, and the training will provide increased confidence when working with these clients who can be challenging for services. Staff’s assessment and conceptualisation skills regarding borderline personality disorder will be enhanced. 


And for those who are ACC Sensitive Claims’ providers:


Supported Assessments 101

An interactive online workshop is to assist those quite new to completing Supported Assessments, as well as being a refresher for those more experienced.

This training is with Diane Clare, an experienced clinical psychologist who has been an ACC provider since the 1990s and who has been providing Supported Assessments since the start of the Sensitive Claims service.

(PLEASE NOTE: This is not ACC endorsed training - it is a senior clinician's take).